The SafeDistance Badge is designed to have a battery autonomy, under normal working conditions, of about at least a full working day. If the battery level goes below 20%, it will beep to remind the user to charge it. Press the button once to turn off the beeping. The beeping does not resume after the button has been pressed.

  • When battery level is between 20%~100%, normal operation.
  • When battery level is between 10%~20%, it beeps once per two minutes.
  • When battery level is between 5%~10%, shutdown Proximity Detection, continue to transmit BLE beacon messages, send battery alarm to Dashboard.
  • When battery level is less than 5%, the badge will be powered off automatically in order not to damage the battery.

The battery capacity begins to drop after 500 times of full charge. It is recommended however to regularly completely drain the Badge's battery by keeping it powered on untill it shuts down automatically. (at least once per month)