How does the SafeDistance Badge work?

Modified on Thu, 04 Jun 2020 at 12:31 PM

The SafeDistance Badge is designed based on Bluetooth and LoRa technology. With the advanced LoRa technology and build-in Bluetooth module, the SafeDistance Badge receives Bluetooth beacon signals from other SafeDistance Badges in its neighbourhood and reports the received SafeDistance Badges unique ID's to the Dashboard platform. When two, or multiple, SafeDistance Badges are within 2meter, 6feet, range, it beeps, vibrates and will send a notification message to the Dashboard platform. The proximity distance parameter is set to 2meter, 6 feet, but can be adjusted on the dashboard platform.

The buzzer synchronizes with the vibrator, they follow same warning mechanism. When the SafeDistance Badge detects the proximity of another SafeDistance Badge, the buzzer and vibrator will beep and vibrate. At this point, pressing the power on/off button stops the beeping and vibration alerting for this round, but reporting to the Dashboard will continue. The next time a proximity detection takes place, the beeping and vibration alerts will continue. The buzzer and vibrator can only be switched on/off together, not individually, via the SafeDistance Dashboard.

More information on how the actual Proximity Distance detection works, can be found in this article.

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