This can be configured via the SafeDistance platform by means of a Downlink command. You can create Downlink Profiles on your account by clicking on the “Asset --> Downlink profiles” tab, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

A user can add multiple Downlink Profiles and assign this to the entire fleet, or a sub-range of                     devices within their fleet.

The example below, where a “Normal Operation” profile is made, contains the default                              factory settings of the SafeDistance Badge.

  • Lowering the Bluetooth threshold (-70dBm or lower) will decrease the Badge’s proximity distance range
  • Increasing the Bluetooth transmit power (-20dBm of higher) will increase the broadcast range of the SafeDistance Badge so other SafeDistance badges can detect it sooner.


Once the Downlink profile for a SafeDistance Badge, or set of SafeDistance Badges, has been configured, the message will be sent to, and queued at, the SafeDistance LoRaWAN server. 

The next time a SafeDistance Badge sends a Proximity Detection message or Heartbeat message (default every 5min) to the LoRaWAN Server, the Downlink message will be propagated to the SafeDistance Badge. 

No reboot is required on the SafeDistance Badge an changes will be applied ‘on-the-fly’.