Log in to your personal SafeDistance account at https://portal.safedistance.io

If you did not have any SafeDistance Badges added to your account yet, please follow this guide instead.

Go to the Asset tab, click on Dashboard and then click on the green + icon.

You can now add devices one by one or import in bulk.

For each delivery of SafeDistance Badges, you should also have received a .xlsx file via mail, containing all SafeDistance Badge Dev-EUI's. These are the unique device identification numbers for each badge.

To add a single SafeDistance Badge, fill in the following fields:

To add multiple SafeDistance Badges in bulk, press the Import button in the top right corner.

Press the Upload a file* button to upload the .xlsx file provided by your reseller.

Press the Submit button to upload the file.

You should now have a list of all of your SafeDistance Badges.