Data Consumption

Modified on Tue, 16 Mar 2021 at 03:06 PM

The Safedistance Solution uses the OPTION CloudGate Gateway to create a private LoRaWAN Network to connect all SafeDistance badges to the application server. Each SafeDistance badge has 2 types of messages that it can transmit:

  • HeartBeat messages (default 1 message/5min)
  • Close Proximity messages (default 1 message/10seconds)

Under normal circumstances, SafeDistance badges will not be in close proximity with other badges, and thus only send out messages once per 5min (if the default HB rate is being kept). For each badge connected to the CloudGate Gateway, you can expect, on average, about 25MB of data usage per month. So for 100 badges that would roughly translate to 2,5GB of data per month, assuming badges are all powered of when not in use, i.e. during charging or outside working hours, etc.

When badges are left in close proximity while powered on, i.e. during charging or outside working hours, etc. the badges will transmit up to 30 times more messages/hour to the Application server. This will have an impact on the data consumption of the CloudGate Gateway as well that can go up to 75GB/month when having 100 SafeDistance badges in use! Therefor we highly recommend to keep the SafeDistance badges switched off when not being worn!

Next to the SafeDistance badges, there's also some data "overhead" by the CloudGate Gateway. The CloudGate Gateway itself sends out periodic keep-alive messages to the server to keep the connection alive. The average data consumption, caused by the CloudGate Gateway directly, is somewhere in between 10-20MB per month.

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