Log in to your personal SafeDistance account at https://portal.safedistance.io

If you already have added devices to your account before, you can skip the create a new Asset Type step below.

Go to the Asset tab, click on Types and then click on the green icon.

Add a new Asset Type and click the Save button at the bottom.

Next, go to the Asset tab, click on Dashboard and then click on the green + icon.

You can now add devices one by one or import in bulk.

For each delivery of SafeDistance Badges, you should also have received a .xlsx file via mail, containing all SafeDistance Badge Dev-EUI's. These are the unique device identification numbers for each badge.

To add a single SafeDistance Badge, fill in the following fields:

To add multiple SafeDistance Badges in bulk, press the Import button in the top right corner.

Press the Upload a file* button to upload the .xlsx file provided by your reseller.

Press the Submit button to upload the file.

You should now have a list of all of your SafeDistance Badges.