The tunnel consists of 2 legs:

  • one between the CloudGate and the server
  • one between your device and the server

In the first case, the SRAS solution allows the tunnel to be permanently up and running.

Please bear in mind that there will be a certain amount of data traffic consumed (data overhead) to keep the tunnel active.

In case of a mobile connection, there can be a data cost incurred to keep the tunnel active.

Via the platform ( it is possible to enable and disable the tunnel to each CloudGate individually.

Re-enabling the VPN connection can take a couple of minutes (up to 5min max.)

The tunnel between your device and the server will be created on demand.

Once the tunnel is created, you can connect to the CloudGate by using the FQDN link for each device, consisting out of "the serial number of the CloudGate"."your VPN switch name"."vpn". 

For ex. MJ29123456.acme.vpn