Proximity Detection in the OPTION SafeDistance Solution is based on the BLE RSSI principle, with additional proprietary algorithm's to further enhance the accuracy. This way, we can achieve a proximity range accuracy of up to 0.5m (or 2feet), depending on some external factors:

  1. Shadow effect: Wireless signals are reflected by walls, glass and other objects many times during the transmission. If there are moving objects, the signal path of these reflections change, resulting in different received signal strength at the receiving SafeDistance Badge's side.
  2. Co-existence on 2.4GHz band: There are many popular devices/technologies on the 2.4GHz band, like WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and even your micro-wave oven. This "signal overlap", causes the received signal strength not to be stable when there are a lot of the aforementioned devices in range. 
  3. Signal absorption: The human body is a perfect "sponge" for 2.4GHz signals. Wearing the SafeDistance Badge on different locations on the human body, i.e. on lanyard, chest pocket, belt or in back pocket can have a big impact on the wireless performances. It is therefor recommended to wear the SafeDistance Badges in a uniform way across the entire company.