With the release of the latest SRAS version (3.2.1) or in combination with LuvitRed (2.15.1), it is now possible to deploy the SRAS license via the config file.

The benefit is that you can now enjoy the SRAS functionality while provisioning the license via www.cloudgateuniverse.com.

There are 2 cases:

  • You currently do not use a configuration file on the Cloudgateuniverse.com for your CloudGate(s)    

            On the provisioning page of sras.5abox.com you first activate the CloudGate(s) and then you download the 'config.bin' file with the license key.

            This 'config.bin' file can now be uploaded to the configuration section on www.cloudgateuniverse.com.

            As soon as the CloudGate will check in on www.clougateuniverse.com, it will download that file and install the license.

            Please send us your configuration file (in plain text format) to the following email address: support@5abox.com

            We will add the license key to your file and send it back to you.

The benefits are:

  • You can ship the CloudGate(s) and install them in the field and still add the SRAS functionality without having to go onsite.
  • If your customer requires SRAS later, he can deploy the licenses via www.cloudgateuniverse.com.
  • At any time, the customer can backup his license via the export config.