So you want to get remote access to your CloudGate devices in a secure way? Smart!

This guide shows you how to get started!

1. Requesting a License:

  • The first step would be to tell your OPTION point of contact the amount of devices you’d like to have SRAS installed on and the e-mail address that we can use to create the account with.
  • We’ll make sure that the license is being set up for this amount of devices. It’s easy to add more devices afterwards if desired, so don't worry to miss 1 or 2.
  • After this you will receive an e-mail from This will allow you to create an account on the platform with the credentials you created.
  • On the 'Provisioning' page, activate the serial numbers of the desired CloudGates by clicking on the 'Add device' button.

2. Connecting CloudGate to the SRAS platform:

  • Next, click on the 'How to install the license on the device' text to see the documentation on how to install the license key on your CloudGates. 
  • Here we have 4 options:
    • New devices from stock without a configuration --> follow the steps described under 'Via CloudGate Universe (suitable for bulk activation)'
    • New devices from stock with a configuration    --> follow the steps described under 'Manually' or 'Manually, using the configuration image'
    • Installed devices without a configuration   --> follow the steps described under 'Via CloudGate Universe (suitable for bulk activation)'
    • Installed devices with a configuration   --> Please contact us. We'll prepare the configuration file that you can install on your CloudGates.
  • Follow these steps carefully to get the licenses installed.

3. Connecting your PC to the SRAS platform:

  • On the SRAS platform, the 'Devices' page you will get an overview of the boxes with their status. If the steps above went well, the device(s) should be online. Marked with a the status bar.
  • Click on the device you'd like to connect to.
  • On the Device page, click on the 'Click here for instructions' text and following the instructions for your OS.

4. Connecting to your remote CloudGate:

  • With the SRAS connection active on both ends, you are ready to connect to your CloudGate.
  • On the Device page, you should see the following:

  • If you click on the URL, a new window will open in your browser, directing automaticaly to the CloudGate. This URL is a 'FQDN' and will always remain the same, so you can easily bookmark them!
  • To conserve data, you can disable the VPN connection from the SRAS portal to the CloudGate if not being used.