A config file, exported from a CloudGate device can be uploaded directly to the CloudGate Universe, and does not need to be converted.

However, if you want to import a config file directly to another CloudGate device you need to convert it using the converter tool.

 The converted config file is the one you can upload to other CloudGate devices.

When creating config files, always start from a factory reset device. It is not advised to keep building on an existing config file. This is what we call the 'golden sample' device. 


1.) Via CloudGate Universe: (preferred method)

- Download the config.tar.gz file from your configured CloudGate.

- Upload the file to CloudGate Universe, in the ‘Library’ --> ‘Configuration’ section, by clicking on the ‘+ Add new configuration’ button.


2.) Directly between CloudGates

- Download the config.tar.gz file from your configured CloudGate under the system tab. 

- Upload the file to the online config converter tool on CloudGate Universe. What you get back is a .bin file.

- Upload the converted config file to your Cloudgate of choice in the ‘Provisioning’ tab --> ‘Device Provisioning’ section on the device ’s local web UI.

- Reboot the CloudGate to apply the changes.

Useful guide for handling configs on CloudGate Universe: https://cloudgateuniverse.com/docs/managing-applications-configs

Link to the config converter: https://cloudgateuniverse.com/config-converter/

Important notes:

Please do not use firmware versions 2.84 and 2.85 when exporting configs, as this might result in unexpected behavior.