This is the second step in setting up your CloudGate. This step will be explained by connecting an analog sensor to the CloudGate.

Please follow the instructions below carefully.

  1. Browse to the “Main Menu” →  “Applications” tab.

  2. Enable “GPIO” in the input section. A button called “GPIO” will appear on the right side.
    Please note! It can take up to 30seconds before the GPIO page is loaded!
  3. Click on this “GPIO” button to add new analog and/or digital devices.

  1. In the "GPIO 1 Application" section, start by enabling the application. In total 5 Analog or Digital Inputs can be used, depending on the hardware configuration. (5 GPIO inputs available on the Smart Metering Card for example). Like for example below:

  1. The available functions per GPIO port are:

            Each function contains different parameters to be configured. Once all parameters for the selected                         function are configured, press the "Save changes" button 

Congratulations, your GPIO sensor is now connected to your CloudGate. You can proceed to the next step.