LuvitRED release 2.25.0

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LuvitRED 2.25.0 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.
Links accessible after logging into the universe:

Release date: May 19 2021

Minimum firmware: 2.94.1

Upgrading  from luvitred versions 2.21.3 or older to 2.22.0 or newer require that  your upgrade the cg firmware and luvitred simultaneously. If you use  2.21.3 or older with firmware 2.93 or newer then luvitred may crash  unexpectedly. Crashes have been known to happen when using nodes related  to ftp.


  • WLAN client node

This node allows you to configure the wlan client. Settings include which SSID to connect to, which username/password to use.

  • GPS Rollover Fix

On the CG0114 LTE WW the rollover is not fixed in (radio) firmware. Thus LuvitRED has created a workaround for all/any cloudgates that could have the GPS rollover issue. This fix applies to parsed NMEA sentences or Fix & Move reports, but not to raw NMEA sentences. 

  • Lora Features & Fixes

Due to a possible temporary increased workload, it was sometime possible that the LoraWAN server was too late to reply on receive window 1. Now it can detect this and use window 2 instead so that the reply is sent.

In the US the ADR algorithm will no longer ask the sensor to use datarate 4. The reason is that on DR4 the sensor & server can only transmit on a single frequency because it is a 500 kHz channel. This negates the availability of multiple channels of the the gateway. A sensor configured to use DR4 (e.g. duing the join procedure) can still transmit data and receive responses as expected.

It is possible to configure the RX2/RXC datarate (for OTA sensors). The default setting in the specification is most often the lowest datarate. Although this is great for to get the maximum range, it is not so great with regards to Time on Air, especially in the EU where duty cycles matter. The server will consider the lowest datarate between RX1 and RX2 to avoid any range issues.

The AS923 regions 1,2,3,4 are now supported. The legacy regions AS1 and AS2 will remain, but should probably not be used for newer installations.

  • Lint Check your lua code

Starting from LuvitRED 2.24.2 you can lint check your own lua code in your function and module nodes.


Drag a "flow" node into your flow and enable the lint check checkbox.

This will perform a lint check every time the flow starts, ie on a redeploy or when the cloudgate boots.

Any lint warnings from function nodes will be printed as warnings in the debug tab.

Warning:  this can be relatively slow, so only enable the lint check when you are  checking for issues, when your flow is completed remove the lint  checking.

For example, if a function "fun1" contains the following code:

a = true

Then a warning like the following image will appear:

If you wish to ignore any warnings, then read the documentation provided here:

For example the code:

-- luacheck: globals a 
a = true 
b = true

Will give no warning for the global variable a, but will give a warning for the global variable b.

  • Lora Codec node

A  node that can decode various lora payloads from different  manufacturers. Supported sensor types include: elsys, ubigreen, nke, netvox, polysense, vicki.

Full Change-log:


  • axeda: remove deprecated nodes
    lora: AS923 1-4 regions supported
    lora: configure RX2/RXC datarate
    m2x: deprecate nodes
    snmp: multi requests
    wan monitor: wwan fix memory leak
    wlan: client node


  • bacnet: read calendar, group, pulse converter, accumulator properties
    canbus: allow unlimited (software) filters
    flow: lint check lua function code
    flowlock: fix hiding (snmp, luvitred) plugin page
    http: improve node queueing
    lora codec: elsys ers sound support
    lora codec: fix netvox sensor RA02A decoding
    lora: reply on RX2 if too late to send on RX1
    lora: set US ADR max DR to 3


  • editor: import tabs in correct order
    ftps: encrypt control + data channel
    gps: gps rollover workaround
    lora codec: elsys add co2, light, gps, analog1 decoder
    lora codec: nke batch decoder


  • editor: fix luvitred https access after re-deploy
    ftp: server node
    lora-codec: fix NKE decoder AnalogInput + MultiMasterSlave
    lora: emit join-request message if strict AppEUI is used
    lora: fix RX2 + RXC datarate in US AS AU IN regions
    snmp: support snmp set varbinds
    sysinfo: show licence

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