LuvitRED release 2.24.0

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LuvitRED 2.24.0 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.
Links accessible after logging into the universe:

Release date: March 02 2021

Minimum firmware: 2.94.1

Upgrading from luvitred versions 2.21.3 or older to 2.22.0 or newer require that your upgrade the cg firmware and luvitred simultaneously. If you use 2.21.3 or older with firmware 2.93 or newer then luvitred may crash unexpectedly. Crashes have been known to happen when using nodes related to ftp.


  • FTP server node

A new ftp node is available that supports FTP and FTPS. No FTP over SSH (SFTP) support.

  • Lora Codec node

A node that can decode various lora payloads from different manufacturers. Supported sensor types include: elsys, ubigreen, nke, netvox, polysense, vicki.

  • Lora CG2132 expansion card

This new lora card supports all regions that use 868 AND 915 MHz: EU868, IN865, RU864, US915, AU915, AS923. CloudGate firmware 2.95 is required to use this card. Another benefit of this card is that it uses the Semtech SX1302 instead of the SX1301, which has a reduced power usage.

  • TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 support removed

Support for both protocols has been globally deprecated in 2020. LuvitRED will refuse to connect if a server uses any of these protocol (or older!) and doesn't support TLS1.2 or TLS1.3.

  • Wirepas v5 supported

LuvitRED now supports both wirepas v4 and v5. If you wish to upgrade to v5, the binaries for the wirepas expansion card is available on our ftp server OTA upgrades from v4 to v5 are not (officially) supported.

Full Change-log:


  • editor: fix luvitred https access after re-deploy
    ftp: server node
    lora-codec: fix NKE decoder AnalogInput + MultiMasterSlave
    lora: emit join-request message if strict AppEUI is used
    lora: fix RX2 + RXC datarate in US AS AU IN regions
    snmp: support snmp set varbinds
    sysinfo: show licence


  • bacnet: fix crash on redeploy
    ftp: fix file descriptor leaks
    function: support string.pack string.unpack
    iothub: retry on failed dps registration
    lora: codec node
    lora: EU433 improvements
    lora: support CG2132 card
    modbus multipoll: fix crash on stop polling command
    modbus multipoll: fix hung node after unexpected tcp disconnect
    tcp control: fix connecting with incorrect params


  • crypto: asymmetric encryption
    crypto: sign and verify data
    iothub: message routing
    lora: US fix subband selection in combination with ADR
    lora: US/AU join accept with cflist (1.0.3)
    mbus: fix crash when slave sends incorrect man id
    modbus: fix crash when closing serial port
    tls: remove TLS 1.1 support


  • cumulocity: fix hung poller, fix realtime timeout error
    editor: easy access to commonly used nodes
    example: bacnet control flow
    flow node: stop flow command
    fs ops: async copy, move, list
    fs ops: limit max open files
    http server: do not automatically add a splat (wildcard)
    lora: 1.0.4 support
    lora: class C downlink improvements
    lora: fix adr for lora spec < 1.0.2B (again)
    lora: less aggressive adr increments
    modbus control: set serial port
    mqtt: fix crash logging without client
    wirepas: various improvements
    xml: fix clone issue - implement msg props


  • fs ops: fix crash on empty source file name
    gpio: fix reading pulse count
    lora: fix LinkCheckAns margin
    lora: fix time on air calculations
    lora: ignore retransmissions with same fcnt
    lora: no mac messages in RXC downlink
    lora: queue confirmed/unconfirmed per message
    lora: request battery status of sensors
    lora: show packet queue using
    main: fix crash on changing hostname
    siglevel: show rssi, ecio, rscp, ecno, rsrp, rsrq, sinr, snr
    tls: fix server session reuse when requiring client certs
    tls: remove TLS 1.0 support


  • cumulocity: fix template handling causing extra data usage
    file node: workaround p1 kernel driver bug
    firewall node: allow both in and out iface set to all
    flow node: show total and free cloudgate memory
    lora: fix default rx window select option
    lora: support forwarder reset on CG mini
    lora: validate name, adr, confirmed user input
    mqtt: fix qos 1/2 publish encoding/decoding
    protobuf: fix large uint64_t decode
    wirepas: experimental support for version 5.0


  • c8y: set name of child device
    c8y: throw errors on failed to send
    config: allow cust config flow
    flow node: uptime and loadavg
    i2c: fix crash when failed to open
    lora: fix setting adr in database
    lvldb: output msg on operation completed
    status: fix possible stack overflow
    subflow: fix catch/status nodes
    tls: update mozilla CA certificates
    udp out: allow port override in msg
    udp out: fix broadcast binding to incorrect port
    udp request: allow sending to broadcast address
    udp request: bind to interface
    wirepas: fix tls secure protocol


  • bacnet: limit and queue client requests
    c8y: backoff retry on incorrect credentials
    c8y: optional reboot after fw upgrade
    cbor: cbor node
    cglib: add LTE M1/NB1/NB2 wwan system type
    file out: improve performance appending to file
    lib: start subflow nodes once per subflow
    lora: improved adr algorithm
    lora: prevent join-accept replays
    sysinfo: hide meid warning
    tls: updated (mozilla) cipher suites
    tls: support tls 1.3
    tls: use openssl 1.1.1

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