LuvitRED release 2.20.1

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LuvitRED 2.20.1 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.
Links accessible after logging into the universe:

Minimum firmware: 2.88.0


The cloudgate mini has a built in front slot expansion card. This card support I²C, CAN, RS232/RS485, digital input, digital output, analog input, pulse counter and current loop. The I²C, CAN, serial and GPIO nodes have been updated to support all these features.

  • Support for the CG1123 Smart Metering card

The CG1123 supports a variety of features. It has 5 GPIOs which support digital input, digital output, analog input (3V & 10V), current loop and pulse counter. It supports MBUS slave or mbus master, which can connect up to 250 slaves. The serial interface supports RS232, RS485 half or full duplex, terminated or not. The card also contains and I²C interface and a P1 input. The gpio, serial, mbus, and file nodes have been updated to support all these new features.

To use this card at least firmware 2.90.0 is required.

  • Wirepas: Connect to WNT

In previous versions you could start a Wirepas sink and read or write data to your sensors. Now you can connect to the wirepas servers and remotely send receive or send data. Currently the features are limited, with no OTAP support and you can only connect to instances. These will be addressed in future releases.

  • MQTT Version 5

MQTT v5 supports a variety of new features over the 3.1.1 version:

  • User properties
  • Payload format indication & Content-Type
  • Shared subscriptions
  • Session expiry & Message expiry
  • Topic aliasing to reduce data usage
  • Request-Response topics with correlation data

The mqtt nodes have been updated to support these new features.

Full Change-log:


  • cgio: support CG1123 (Smart Metering)
  • file: fix reading character devices (e.g. P1)
  • mbus: fix scan result not showing servers
  • mbus: support CG1123 (Smart Metering)
  • monnit: add industrial ultrasonic sensor
  • monnit: allow sending data of unknown sensor types
  • mqtt: fix double disconnect event
  • mqtt: fix crash in case no subscriptions are used
  • mqtt: improve logging
  • wirepas: fix gateway on redeploy
  • wirepas: fix crash sending data to sensor


  • c8y: disable acknowledged + cleared alarms
  • editor: avoid importing duplicate subflow
  • file: allow read permissions for /mnt and /dev
  • flow: flow upgrade node
  • gpio: fix ui warning
  • lora: delete device from any lora node
  • mbus request: NKE delay improvement
  • mbus request: clone input msgs
  • monnit: add light & ultrasonic sensors
  • mqtt: increase authentication timeout
  • mqtt: restart connection on ack timeout
  • mqtt: version 5
  • serial: log serial data in syslog
  • wan control: power up/down the modem
  • zigbee: fix crash in case incorrect configuration is used
  • zigbee: msg.zigbee params should override defaults


  • gpio: support cloudgate mini
  • lib: fix disabled credentials being removed
  • lora: fix waiting for other GW before processing rxpk
  • mbus: fix decoding int64
  • mbus: fix port change
  • mbus: store servers in database
  • modbus: set coalesce limit
  • mqtt: fix crash on spurious connack or connect event
  • ping: implement arping
  • queue: ignore ack of messages that are dropped from the queue
  • thingsboard: fix re-subscribing
  • thingworx: increase max message size
  • wirepas: wnt gateway

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