LuvitRED release 2.19.0

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LuvitRED 2.19.0 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.
Links accessible after logging into the universe:

Minimum firmware: 2.88.0


  • New minimum firmware 2.88.0

The minimum firmware has been increased to support features in the new rev 4 cloudgates.

  • Last gasp feature

The new rev 4 cloudgate can optionally have a small battery included. The idea behind this is that when the power is cut off you signal this event to your servers and gracefully shut down.
The enabling of the battery and receiving the power status events is implemented in the "cloudgate control" node.

  • Monnit gateway node

Monnit provides a variety of wireless sensors and has been supported by LuvitRED for a long time. The issue with our "monnit sensor" node is that you needed to create a new node for each sensor. This means knowing the amount of sensors and their ids at the creating of the flow. With the new "monnit gw" node you can dynamically add, delete, and list monnit sensors. Both the Monnit and ALTA sensors are supported.

  • Protocol buffers

Protocol buffers are Google's language/platform neutral mechanism for serializing structured data. You define how you want your data to be structured once using the proto syntax. In LuvitRED you can create multiple proto files and then use the "protobuf" node to encode/decode your messages.

Full Change-log:


  • bacnet: allow unknown object types
  • bacnet: fix adding notification class
  • bacnet: support confirmed event notification
  • can: setting 0 filters disables the reception of CAN frames
  • control: last gasp support
  • lora: output rssi/snr info for each gateway
  • modbus: improve poll error report
  • monnit: gateway node
  • monnit: support sensor type 35
  • protobuf: protobuf encode/decode node


  • bacnet: bacnet control node
  • can: support filters
  • modbus control: delay output msg until restart is complete
  • modbus multipoll: always send result (with errors)
  • passwd: fix setting password
  • tls: fix manual cert validation
  • tls: support pkey with passphrase
  • wirepas: gateway node

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