LuvitRED release 2.18.0

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LuvitRED 2.18.0 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.
Links accessible after logging into the universe:

Minimum firmware: 2.86.0


  • BACnet control node

Up until now you had to create a node for each bacnet object you wish to have. This was a very tedious way to create a lot of objects and resulted in a large flow:

With the new bacnet control node you can create and delete these objects programmatically.
This allows for a new level of flexibility where you can create objects on the fly as needed.

  • Wirepas node

Wirepas is a proprietary meshing protocol that allows for scalable networks with millions of nodes. More info about wirepas on their website:
The new wirepas node acts as a sink and allows you to send and receive messages from end nodes.

  • CAN filters

The CAN nodes have been released in 2.17.0. They work great, but most of the time you don't need all the messages.
Instead of having to filter out most messages, why not let the linux kernel do the work for you?
This can now be simply done by setting some filter rules in the can configuration.
Only if the CAN ID matches any of the preset rules the data is brought to the lua level.

  • TLS private key with passphrase

When using client certificates to connect to servers (https, mqtt, websocket, ...) you need a certificate and a private key.
If you had an ecrypted private key you previously needed to decrypt the key manually and add the decrypted key.
Now you can simply add the encrypted private key and set a passphrase. LuvitRED will automatically decrypt the key when required.

  • LoRaWAN Rx window algorithms

The LuvitRED lora server has been taught multiple algorithms to select the preferred RX window to respond to data uplink messages.
By default (and up until now) it preferred to spread the responses such that each subband was used evenly to maximize the availablity on each subband.
This meant that for some customers RX2 was used too much or to little.
Now you can choose to prefer RX1 (for higher datarates), prefer RX2, prefer the window with maximum power, select a random window (for fun), or just use the default behaviour.

Full Change-log:


  • bacnet: bacnet control node
  • can: support filters
  • modbus control: delay output msg until restart is complete
  • modbus multipoll: always send result (with errors)
  • passwd: fix setting password
  • tls: fix manual cert validation
  • tls: support pkey with passphrase
  • wirepas: gateway node


  • example: add lora server
  • example: lora forwarder
  • modbus: allow unit address 255 in tcp requests
  • mqtt: retransmit on qos 1/2 ack timeout
  • websocket: fix sending/receiving long payloads


  • bacnet: fix confirmed cov update
  • bacnet: fix crash on bad I_Am_Router_To_Network
  • bacnet: fix crash on unknown network layer packet
  • cumulocity: fix crash on snapshot request
  • combine: fix infinite recursion
  • example: bacnet request
  • example: modbus tcp client/server
  • lora: rx window selection algorithms
  • modbus: fix decoding exceptions with extra bytes
  • modbus: fix swap for double decoding
  • modbus: fix tcp decode after incomplete data
  • systime: get local time
  • tcp: fix crash on ECONNRESET
  • ws: increase max frame size limit

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