LuvitRED release 2.17.0

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LuvitRED 2.17.0 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.

Minimum firmware: 2.86.0


  • New minimum firmware 2.86.0

The  minimum firmware has been bumped to 2.86.0 to avoid problems with config exports created by firmwares 2.84 and 2.85.

  • M-Bus control node & M-Bus request improvements

The new mbus control node allows you to get or set mbus parameters for the mbus config node. The mbus request node accepts options to override the general requests parameters. It also allows you to limit the number of telegrams to improve the readout speed.

  • Modbus control node

The new modbus control node allows you to get or set modbus configuration parameters for the mobus configuration node. The parameters can be set or retrieved from both the modbus master and slave. It supports both the serial and the tcp variants.

  • Crypto node

With the new crypto node you can encrypt or decrypt data using various ciphers. You can create hashes of your data using MD5, SHA1, 256, ... algorithms. It supports creating HMAC authentication strings. It can encode or decode data into base64 or hex.

  • CAN Bus nodes

The new can in and can out nodes support both the standard as extended frame formats on all bitrates.

  • Monnit ALTA support

The monnit nodes now support ALTA sensors if you use a new ALTA expansion card.

Full Change-log:


  • can: can in/out nodes
  • crypto: encrypt, digest, hmac, base64, hex
  • gpio: support CG3105 card
  • iothub: generate sas token
  • mbus: control node
  • mbus: set options during request
  • modbus: control node
  • modbus: fix cleaning tcp connections
  • modbus: swap bytes option in decoder
  • monnit: support alta sensors
  • sysinfo: get iccid


  • bacnet: fix unit property ui
  • cumulocity: set cloudgate model + hwrev
  • lora: fix adr for lora spec < 1.0.2B
  • modbus serial: check slave id in response
  • modbus: fix delay between retries
  • serial: fix RX protolog


  • bacnet: decode unknown object types
  • eventhub: fix connection string autocompletion
  • file out: add output to indicate operation complete
  • gpio: fix ping startup value
  • lora: support class C for regions US, AS1, AS2
  • modbus: add clean idle tcp connections option
  • mqtt: add backoff delay option
  • queue: fix out of order ack after element is popped
  • tcp: improve error handling


  • bacnet: fix routed I-Am
  • bacnet: fix no lan id in standalone mode
  • gpio: fix using AI1 & AI2 simultaneously
  • http: add cross origin resource sharing (CORS) option
  • lora: fix setting default region
  • serial: remove telnet support
  • tls client: add server name indication (SNI)
  • zigate: add zigate reset command
  • zigate: add zigates before zigbee meters
  • zigbee: device-removed event after removed from db

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