LuvitRED release 2.16.0

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LuvitRED 2.16.0 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.

Minimum firmware: 2.82.1


  • New minimum firmware 2.82.1

The minimum firmware has been bumped to 2.82.1 to fix a problem when using a flow downloaded from the CloudGate Universe. This problems was addressed in version 2.14.0 but also required a firmware update. It is strongly advised for anyone using version 2.14.0 or above to upgrade to this firmware or a more recent one.

  • LoraWAN class C

Starting from 2.16.0 you can setup lorawan sensors with class C support. A class C sensor is always listening for messages from the server when not transmitting. This allows you to send messages to the sensor without the sensor having to initiate communication. The downside is the continuous power consumption. Most sensors using class C are therefore not battery powered. Broadcasting is not yet supported.

  • Cumulocity Child Devices

Up until now you could only connect a CloudGate device to Cumulocity. Now the CloudGate can act as an agent to create and remove other devices.

  • UI nodes persistent store

The ui input and select allow you to set a default value which would be updated when the value changed. The value would reset to its default when the cloudgate rebooted. Creating a flow to store this in flash and set it again on reboot was a cumbersome process. Now this can be done internally by the node simply by checking a box.

  • Modbus exceptions.

Modbus defines some exception code, e.g "Slave Device Busy". When an exception occurred and was sent to the extract node, it would think it was normal data and decode it incorrectly. The node now ignores this and optionally you can suppress the exceptions form being send as a message. These exceptions will still be thrown to the catch node.

Full Change-log:


  • bacnet: reduce tag log verbosity 
  • cumulocity: support child devices 
  • cumulocity: track gps option 
  • examples: angular plugin page 
  • global: store/retrieve using key from message 
  • http: add OPTIONS method 
  • lora: class C support 
  • thingsboard: avoid not connected crash 
  • tls: fix multiple write 
  • ui input/select: update & store default value


  • csv: optionally parse numbers 
  • editor: fix hex representation in debug tab 
  • editor: fix tab reordering
  • gpio: fix smartcity gpio read 
  • lora app: fix adding sensors when forwarder is disabled
  • modbus extract: ignore exceptions 
  • modbus: add send exception option 
  • modbus: fix exception reporting 
  • status: set msg topic 
  • wan-state: fix wan-state event not reporting


  • bacnet: fix duplicate segments 
  • bacnet: set max-segments-accepted to 64 
  • bacnet: set unspecified segmentation to unlimited 
  • bacnet: unicast or broadcast I-Am 
  • editor: add ctrl-z to shortcut list 
  • editor: improve loopback wiring 
  • fs ops: add list command 
  • gps: reduce minimum report rate 
  • iothub: fix crash on incorrect sas configuration 
  • lora: implement DeviceTimeReq (1.0.3) 
  • lora: increase tx power on RX2 (EU) 
  • serial: fix showing saved newline parameter

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