LuvitRED release 2.15.3

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LuvitRED 2.15.3 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.

Minimum firmware: 2.76.1


  • MBus scan progress

The mbus request node now reports the scan progress in the status message. 

  • Plugin Node

The plugin node allows you to choose a plugin page to be redirected to when the user logs in into the cloudgate. You can also rename the plugin tab and move it to the left.

  • Smart City card support

The smart city card provides multiple analog inputs, analog out, i2c, RS485. This is now supported in LuvitRED with the gpio in, gpio out, i2c and serial nodes. More information on the Cloudgate Universe.

  • ThingsBoard IoT platform

LuvitRED can now connect to ThingsBoard. Telemetry and attributes can be uploaded, attributes can be requested from the server and it can respond to custom remote procedure calls.

  • SRAS key provisioning

CloudGates using SRAS can now have the license keys in the configuration. No need to manually insert the keys in each device.

Full Change-log:


  • bacnet: fix unspecified response segments accepted 
  • ble: remove eddystone ble node 
  • mbus: provide scan progress 
  • monnit: fix ESD resetting gateway 
  • xbee: fix startup error 
  • zigbee: check existing device before adding 


  • ftp: fix in timeout handling 
  • lora: fix mac message on fport 0 
  • lora: correct duty cycle & channel selection 
  • zigate: update to firmware 0x11 
  • zigate: add get/set report interval 
  • zigate: add time sync 
  • zigate: add reset indication


  • gpio: fix io + validation errors
  • link: sort list by node name
  • lora: adr improvements
  • mqtt: validate timer settings
  • websocket: fix queueing
  • zigbee: fix blocking during startup


  • plugin node to configure the plugin tab
  • lvldb node batch operations
  • mqtt: use templates in will topic
  • onewire: rewrite + more sensor support.
  • smart city: i2c, gpio, analog io support
  • zigate: upgrade firmware 0x0F
  • curl: fix crash after 235 ftp uploads
  • curl: fix lingering sockets and file descriptors
  • lora: fix crash in downstream codec
  • lora: fix unresponsive device after crash
  • zigbee: fix ota upgrade
  • improved loading time


  • leveldb: create dir if it doesn't exist
  • mbus: output slave addressing method
  • monnit: add sensors
  • thingsboard iot gateway
  • email: fix authentication
  • email: fix content-type field
  • ftp: fix upload via https
  • lora: fix lost inject messages on startup
  • mqtt: fix lost connections
  • uci: fix CGU configurations corrupting flows
  • editor: fix deleting last workspace
  • examples: add mbus master

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