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Posted about 5 years ago by Greg Nesmith

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Greg Nesmith

We are having a few modems that have low connectivity, using Verizon LTE, CG0199.

Can you recommend an antenna we could use to increase signal strength? 

remote one with maybe 10 foot extension would be nice



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OPTION Support

OPTION Support posted about 5 years ago Admin

Dear Greg,

By default we do not provide antenna's with extended leads with our CloudGate devices.

We'd like to advice you to get in contact with the point of purchase of your CloudGate for this particular request. For the US, our main distributor is who work through a network of resellers in the US as well.

GetWireless has a strong portfolio in cellular antenna's that can be used to boost signal reception in areas where cellular connectivity is reaching it's limits with standard antenna's.

Best regards,

OPTION Support

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