3G signal qualtiy in LuvitRed

Posted about 5 years ago by Christof Anckaert

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Christof Anckaert
Christof Anckaert

Would it be possible to retrieve the 3G signal quality value in LuvitRed? A lot of information about the WWAN connection is already available, but the signal quality seems to be missing.


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Christof Anckaert

Christof Anckaert posted about 5 years ago

Thanks Harald,

The solution must have been too obvious! Apologies.


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OPTION Support

OPTION Support posted about 5 years ago Admin

Hi Christof, 

Take a look at the siglevel node. I believe this is what you are looking for!

Gets the primary WWAN interface signal strength

When this node receives a message it sets the payload to a table with the WWAN ECIO and RSSI information.

Information included in payload:

  • ecio - ECIO level of primary WWAN module
  • rssi - Received signal strength of primary WWAN module

Best Regards,


Option Support

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