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LuvitRed CAN Bus nodes (canconfig,candump,cansend)

Is it planed to implement  CAN Bus nodes for the Telematic Can Card?

There are no plans to implement CAN BUS nodes in LuvitRED.

- Timothy.

how should i handle the CAN Bus on the Cloudgate ?

best regards

Erich wimmer

Dear Erich,

As Timothy mentionned, there are no concrete plans to get the Telematics CAN interface supported in LuvitRED at this moment. The reason behind this is fairly simple as CAN is more like a collective name for multiple standards. It would be very difficult for us to implement all of these standards, let alone just a few of them as nearly every vendor uses his own/her implementation. Depending on the business case or on an NRE based project we can discuss making this available in LuvitRED.

However, to get you started right away, you can use the cansend and candump tools that are already available as of today on CloudGate.

The majority of our customers that use CAN on CloudGate used our CloudGate SDK to create an application that handles the CAN communication. 

Kind Regards,

- Pieter.

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