ModBus status output while requesting data

Posted almost 6 years ago by Josse Aertssen

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Josse Aertssen

Currently the ModBus nodes (multipoll more specific) don't output a good status when they are busy requesting data.

This makes it hard for the user to know if the request node is actually doing something or not.

See attached screenshot of a status node on a multipoll node.

We only get active - started status when the 1st request is triggered and a result when it's done. But following requests don't provide a start or busy status, only a result status.

Can this be changed so the ModBus nodes provide a proper status when busy requesting data?

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OPTION Support

OPTION Support posted over 5 years ago Admin

The started status is actually to indicate that the tcp/serial connection is connected.
That is why you only see it on the first request.

Giving a status when a poll from a certain node is happening is difficult because all polls to the same (tcp/serial) connection go into the same queue.

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