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LuvitRED shod ask for confirmation before deleting a page

In the current LuvitRED implementation its possible to delete a page by clicking the x button in the page title.

On a couple of occasions I've accidentally deleted a page when I meant to click on it, normally easily fixed by closing the LuvitRED page but it would be more user friendly if LuvitRED asked "are you sure you want to delete page <name>"

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Hi Graham,

We had this in the past but decided to remove it as there are easy ways to recover.

* You can exit luvitred and reopen it without deploying.

* You can use the CTRL-Z option to undo your last command.

You can  check out more useful keyboard shortcuts in the menu.


Now that I'm looking at the shortcut list, the CTR-Z option isn't listed, but it works nonetheless.

I'll add the shortcut to the list in the next LuvitRED version.

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