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Posted about 6 years ago by Graham Allan

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Graham Allan
Graham Allan

Each time code is deployed LuvitRed restarts

An important part of testing is to check how the Cloudgate behaves on start-up and restarting LuvitRED can act a a surrogate for this.

Would it please be possible to have a Restart LuvitRed  Button so that I can restart LuvitRed  without the need to force a redeployment (by moving a node)



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OPTION Support

OPTION Support posted about 6 years ago Admin

Hi Graham,

Thanks for sharing this suggestion with us. We like the idea but have some thoughts about it.

Inititally, when we forked LuvitRED from Node-Red, this feature was included. Over time, we noticed that this button was often leading to people getting confused with the 'Deploy' button, resulting in a decreasing user experience.

We'd like to keep LuvitRED, and especially the UI, as simple as it can get. We therefor need the minimum amount of buttons and information on the editor screen and adding such a button, together with the experiences from the past, could lead to a lower overall user experience with LuvitRED (at least for the novice user). The advanced user (just like yourself and our dev team :) ) would need to keep on making a small change prior to a re-'Deploy' to restart LuvitRED.

Personally, It would be best not to have this added for this reason. Unless you can convince us... ;)

Have a great day!

OPTION Support (Pieter)

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