LuvitRED : Detailed feedback during an mbus scan

Posted about 6 years ago by Christof Anckaert

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Christof Anckaert
Christof Anckaert

The scanning of the mbus is a process that can take quite some time. During this process the status of the node changes to "scanning" until it is done and then becomes "idle" again.

Assuming that the scanning process is some kind of loop where are addresses are probed (primary scanning), or where a number of retries is done (secondary scanning) would it be possible to report some progress in the status?

Have a better progress indicator allows us  to give some feedback to the user about the time it will take to finish. This does not have to be very precise but an indication like 0% ...25%....50% ... 75% ...100%, or 15 out of 200 addresses scanned would already be a nice addition.

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OPTION Support

OPTION Support posted over 5 years ago Admin

Hi Christof,

This is now implemented in LuvitRED 2.15.3.

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